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Mission Statement

Center for Independent Social Research, Inc.  (CISRus)

CISRus is a non-profit association of scholars and experts working on issues related to the post-communist transformation. We conduct unbiased, in-depth social research to enrich scientific knowledge and strengthen civil society.

  • Our academic mission is to improve scholarly understanding of post-communist societies using knowledge drawn from interdisciplinary work in the social sciences.

  • Our educational mission is to support students and young scholars in the social sciences during the early stages of their professional careers.

CISRus Projects

“Teaching Math in the USA:

Professional Integration of High-Skilled Female Immigrants from Russia and the FSU”


The object of the study is so-called “Russian math education”—a specific professional and educational niche within the sector of supplementary after-school education created by Russian (female) immigrants.



The project implies monitoring, analyzing, and raising awareness of issues surrounding academic freedom in Russia and post-Soviet countries.

“Russian Youth
and Corruption”


The study of attitudes towards corruption among Russian Generation Z including nine focus groups with university students in three Russian cities.  

CISRus Blog

Where Is “Own” Scientific Development Heading?

Irina Dezhina

The cost of demonstrating autarky in scientific development can be very high.

Four Million Clients?

Nina Rozhanovskaya

Is a student a source of hidden threat to a university or an ally in upholding academic freedom? The answer depends on the university’s leaders.

The Number of “Wrong Historians” Is Growing

Dmitry Dubrovsky

Government repression of “wrong” history is on the rise. In its place, a single ideology is gaining strength.

University-Level Startups

Oleg Zhuravlev

How autonomy provided by the government boosts attacks on academic rights and freedoms.

CISRus Partners

Foreign agents

The term ‘foreign agent’ was initially introduced in Russin federal law in 2012

Autonomy of universities

has been decreasing after launching the Federal Universities project

rubles in a year

The average salary of rectors of public universities in 2018

Leading Universities

Participants of the Project 5-100 to be more competitive globally

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